What If?

by Kerry Nesbitt (age 13)


Have you ever sat by the window in class,

Idly watching the clock for time to pass?

The teacher's talking in the background,

But to you he's not making a sound,

Because you're lost in the world of what if.


What if the world was upside down?

Then your teacher would smile and not frown!

What if the sky wasn't blue?

What if cows barked and dogs went 'moo'?

What if there was no gravity and we could float in the air?

What if I could think of any place and fly there?

What if I could do as I pleased, all day long?

I could jump, or dance, or sing a song...


What if you were sitting by the window in class,

Dreaming and watching time pass?

You haven't been listening or taking notes down,

Your teacher comes over and starts to frown,

What if he goes red and screws up his face,

What if he explodes, and leaves a big empty space?


Now I don't have to wonder my teacher's intention

Because I ended up in detention!


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