Spring 2006 Poetry Competition Second Prize

South Specific Pirate Talk

Amanda Govan




You told me I was a wasted treasure

"You're a wasted treasure" you said

So why does your chest heave with pleasure

When you open my box on our rumpled seabed?


"What have I wasted?

Where has it gone?"


Have the gems of my character been tossed overboard?

Smiles sunk without face,

Withered unseen in the depths of the hoard.


Cracked split or shattered,

Unused understanding wrecklessly scattered?


Has the sheen of my sharing tarnished with lust?

Rubies fragmenting with broken-down trust?


Has my chalice of caring turned callous, despairing?

Diluted, misplaced

In much deeper oceans I haven't yet faced?


Shrivelled spilt or chipped

Is my sparkle subdued, Velvet been ripped?


Has my vessel been wasted, the ship run aground?

My oyster untasted, the pearl not been found?


My bounty is boundless to those whom I please

So if you measure my treasure with unmeasured pleasure

Thy parlance is groundless, my capricious corsair of three Cs.

Do You?

©2006 Amanda Govan


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