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Spring 2011 Poetry Competition Winners

Well, as most of you know, I’ve had to do the judging myself this quarter, without the patient brilliance of my dear partner Jenny to guide me along the way. No Chuckle Bonus this time round (I'm sure you understand why) and the entries are, perhaps coincidentally, all a little downbeat. But the power of the writing in each case is beyond doubt. And if you're desperately in need of a smile or two after reading these moving poems, then I can thoroughly recommend a visit to the Short Story Competition page, and in particular the shortlisted entry Just Knowing You’re Out There by D. M. Artis.

Doug Watts


Spring 2011 prize-winners:

Labels by Sherri Turner - £100 First Prize

I Want to Hold Your Hand by Gwen Hobbis - £50 Second Prize

On the Edge by Maureen Anne Browne - £20 Third Prize


TO ENTER THE NEXT POETRY COMPETITION - CLICK HERE - (and look out for the NEW 'chuckle bonus')



Spring 2011 shortlisted runners-up:

Song for Richard by Gill Baconnier

Resurrection by Christine Griffin

Merciless by Carol Rogers


Highly Commended

Roger Elkin (for Thinking Food)

L J Reeves (for Beige)

Ramiro Castro

Sybil Levin (for Seven Oh)

Leland James Whipple (for A Foot Soldier’s Song)

Jonathan Hall (for Still asleep when I wake up)

Melissa Lawrence


Recent Winners

7 a.m. by Rachael Webster (1st Prize)

A Room of One's Own by Carol Rogers (2nd Prize)

The House with the Pink Wisteria by Sherri Turner (3rd Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Breakfast in Bed by Sherri Turner (1st Prize)

Inside a Lady's Handbag by Kerry Nesbitt (2nd Prize)

The Gravity of Old Age by Christine Bryant (3rd Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Moving On by Jonathan Pinnock (1st Prize)

And Sew to Bed by Joanne Fox (2nd Prize)

Simmering by Carol Rogers (3rd Prize)

My Poem about Autumn by Caroline Davies (1st Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Handle With Care by Roger Elkin (2nd Prize)

Remember by Kerry Nesbitt (3rd Prize)

Let Us Forget by Kerry Nesbitt (1st Prize)

Tea at the Ritz by Carol Rogers (2nd Prize)

Our Neighbours and Us by Jenny Bain (3rd Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Dodecahedron by Linda Houlton (1st Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Red Fingernails by Kerry Nesbitt (2nd Prize)

Birthday Poem by Alice Gregg (3rd Prize)

The Placement by Christine Bryant (1st Prize)

More Than a One-Night Stand by Lynn Higham (2nd Prize)

Particles by Noel Williams (3rd Prize) + £20 Chuckle Bonus smile

Watching the Kite by Kate Keating (1st Prize)

Young Love by Peter Ebard (2nd Prize)

Stupid Stupid by Caroline M Davies (3rd Prize)

Passing Notes by Carol Rogers (1st Prize)

Old Age by Garry Kilworth (2nd Prize)

Learning Curve by Jean Jones (3rd Prize)

The Lime Grove by Jean Jones (1st Prize)

Summer Holidays by Carol Rogers (2nd Prize)

The Old Pillbox by Charlotte Gann (3rd Prize)

A Friend Dying by Clare Girvan (1st Prize)

Forgotten by June Owen (2nd Prize)

Sarah’s Poetic Justice by Jean Jones (3rd Prize)

Living with Shadows by Caroline Davies (1st Prize)

The Bookends by Jean Jones (2nd Prize)

The Unfinished Dress by Su Laws Baccino (3rd Prize)

The Owners by Garry Kilworth (1st Prize)

Budgeting: February 1963 by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Keystone by Jean Jones (3rd Prize)

Glowing by Seán Dagan Wood (1st Prize)

London, by Phone by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Medicine Bears by Simone Mansell Broome (3rd Prize)

When the Talking Stopped by Jean Jones (1st Prize)

Dark Slug by Jenny Hope (2nd Prize)

The Battleground by Carol Wolrich (3rd Prize)

The Wood and the Trees by Nicola Garden (1st Prize)

Splintered Ice by Jean Jones (2nd Prize)

For Hugo Williams… by Maureen Cate (3rd Prize)

Beckett’s Offspring by Faye Robertson (1st Prize)

Doing Without Dyno-Rod by Simone Mansell Broome (2nd Prize)

My Old School Friend by Linda Preston (3rd Prize)

Cave-Haven Woman by Carol Wolrich (1st Prize)

With You by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Short Break by Patricia Diane Wilson (3rd Prize)

Persistence by Gillian M Hesketh (1st Prize)

February, Westridge Woods by Simon McNulty (2nd Prize)

Longsighted by Gwil Williams (1st Prize)

South Specific Pirate Talk by Amanda Govan (3rd Prize)

Ten, Not Three by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Darkness Magnifies by Diane Wilson (3rd Prize)

57 by John Lawrence (1st Prize)

Always I Hear Your Voice by Mary Williams (2nd Prize)

Rocky Mountain Veteran by Carol Wolrich (3rd Prize)

City Stickers by Carol Wolrich (1st Prize)

Words on growing older by Shaaban (2nd Prize)

A Field in Edithmead by Rose James (1st Prize)

Pebbles by Jacqueline Davitt (2nd Prize)

At the Border by Gwil Williams (1st Prize)

Horizons by Sybil Levin (2nd Prize)

The Gentle Lion in my Garden by Carol Wolrich (1st Prize)

Promises, promises by Sarah Carnegie (2nd Prize)

The Owl by Margaret Pagdin (1st Prize)

Finca by Wendy Freebourne (2nd Prize)

Shopping by Gill Bacconier (1st Prize)

Although You Do Not Know Me by Gwil Williams (2nd Prize)

Eating Tabitha by Peter Wyton (1st Prize)

Nine Herons by Rob Mooney (2nd Prize)

Having read his anguished words by Gwil Williams (1st Prize)

The Knowledge by Lorraine Noble (2nd Prize)

The poets of the public bar by Gwil Williams (1st Prize)

Damaged Goods by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Neat Garden by Anita Traynor (1st Prize)

The Cell Phone by Maureen Cate (2nd Prize)

A Class Act by Carol Wolrich (1st Prize)

Carpet Fall by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Sycamore by Michael Conaghan (1st Prize)

Disconnection by John Lawrence (2nd Prize)

Wishful Thinking by Gill Baconnier (1st Prize)

Choc Ice Boy by Carol Wolrich (2nd Prize)

Tantrum by Christina Bustamante (1st Prize)

And One Binds Them All by Barbara King (2nd Prize)

Dunton Green by Michael Conaghan (1st Prize)

Empirical Ballad by Gill Baconnier (2nd Prize)

The night is never silent by Mike Toohey (1st Prize)

Under the Dead Moon by David Whitehead (2nd Prize)

Vigilante Love by Norman King Lloyd (1st Prize)

Through my Window by Mick Stringer (2nd Prize)

Winter Moonrise by Jo Leak (1st Prize)

Orders by Nigel Spriggs (2nd Prize)

Prospero's Farewell by Mick Stringer

A Good Home by Elizabeth Gowing

Primary Children’s Hospital by Sundy Watanabe

The Cruel Room by Mick Stringer

Time by Robert Sharp


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