Summer 2010 Poetry Competition Third Prize

The Gravity of Old Age

by Christine Bryant


Here I am, I'm ninety-nine, still sprightly, full of tricks

But when I'm standing on my head, I'm only sixty-six.

I've exercised my sagging skin and yet, it's sagging still

Except when standing on my head and then it's just a frill.


It's a different world when you're old and curled and looking upside down

You never have a runny nose and every smile's a frown

You never dribble when you eat or leak each time you're laughing

And of course, it's so much easier to find the soap when bathing.


You never have to use a stick or speak to passers-by

You never have to answer if you don't see eye to eye

So if, like me, life right way up means every day's a failure

Just do as I did, board a plane and settle in Australia.

 ©2010 Christine Bryant

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