Spring 2009 JBWB Poetry Competition First Prize

The Placement


Christine Bryant


I'm sitting in my garden, grey of hair and lined of face

My outer shell is wrapped up well for Autumn's chill embrace

Beyond, the roar of progress threatens all who mark its call

Within, my sweet September cradles tired leaves mid-fall.


I hold a Book of Glimpses, safe betwixt my weathered hands,

whose pages conjure sounds and smells a memory understands.

Within my heart emotion drives a bargain with regret,

for captured souls in negative, too precious to forget.


Between those portals walks a child, a ghost of yesteryear,

who freely roams the roads of life without constraint of fear.

How well I know the scenes she plays, each fraction of the past,

familiar the atmosphere, beloved each, the cast.


I'll love it where they've placed me I'm constantly assured.

There's far too much to entertain a hope of being bored.

They'll bring me in for Autumn and put me out for Spring.

I'll no longer be a burden, that's the most important thing.


I'm sitting in a garden, grey of hair and lined of face.

My treasured things are stored away so now I need less space.


©2009 Christine Bryant


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