Winter 2005 Poetry Competition Second Prize

Ten, Not Three


by Carol Wolrich

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"Not diez minutos! Ten minutes is far too

long!" The pink-faced inglés protests.

"I like a dippy egg. Tres minutos, por favor,

senor. That's three, not ten, need I say it

again, ever so s-1-o-w-l-y?"


His wife looks away, gazing at the morning sea.

Breakfast is a pain, even in a foreign country.

She'd happily settle for a quiet cup of tea,

alone on the balcony, with the sound of the

surf for company.


After an age, the waiter returns; his smile as wide

as manana: "I have... how you say... won mucho dosho

on el Lotto. Diez millones! That's ten, not three.

So adios from me..." And he breaks a dippy egg

on his pink English head.


©2005 Carol Wolrich


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