Autumn 2007 Poetry Competition First Prize

The Owners

by Garry Kilworth


The robin that owns the front garden

allows me to dig there, though not without

constant supervision.   And while I may

keep the vegetables, any meat is his.

The thrush that rules the roof

reminds me with her twilight songs

that my place is below hers,

though I am allowed to borrow

the use of her perch for my television

signal.   The mouse behind the wainscot

tolerates my company, so long

as I remain on my side of the wall.

And the martins in the eaves,

the pigeons in the loft, the bats

in the attic, are all generously prepared

to permit my presence.   I am not ungrateful

for this conditional kindness,

and creep about, softly, so as not

to give cause for complaint.

Only the cat asserts her authority,

insistent that I lock myself indoors

when she goes out for the night.


 ©2007 Garry Kilworth

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