Spring 2004 Poetry Competition Second Prize

Although You Do Not Know Me

by Gwil Williams

Email: gwil@aon.at



“Long may the harlequinade spin out

if it takes us away from the tumbrel.”

Christy Brown


I thank you Christy Brown although you do not know me.

I feel I always will know you or at least that magical part of you

I find in the verses you kindly left with your photo

tucked inside the sleeve of a book's jacket.


I thank you Christy Brown although you do not know me.

I thank you for old Miss Mahaffey's rainbow fall of silk;

And the colours of the four winds and your patchwork bag

of magic and even Michael Joe's crying as no child.


I thank you Christy Brown for your snails and your skylarks

And your music and, yes, I come softly to your wake.

With my calm togetherness of hands I break the rugged crust

of your friendly bread and drink the winepress of the stars.


I thank you Christy Brown for the gleam in your eyes.

In your small photo I see the secret in your kind face.

Long and long may your harlequinade spin out

and take us all from the dark and into the place of song.


 ©2004Gwil Williams


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