Spring 2010 Poetry Competition Second Prize

And Sew to Bed

by Joanne Fox


With thimbled dreams I mend the day,

Patch blue silk over hours worn thin,

Take a skein of red for danger,

Darn holes where foolish words fell in,


Things left undone, I fasten tight

With bright buttons (mother-of-pearl),

Snip the tag marked worry that nagged

And snagged my lightly threaded world.


Yarn that regrets made coarse and catch

Now flows as smooth as angels’ hair,

No hope too frayed, no love too torn

That my stitches cannot repair.


Nights see my silver scissors fly,

Loose ends woven, mistakes unknit.

Darkness draws my dream about me

To make the day a perfect fit.

 ©2010 Joanne Fox

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