Autumn 2009 JBWB Poetry Competition First Prize

Let Us Forget


Kerry Nesbitt



Let us forget that we live in an empty world,

Where people don't know what they're looking for,

And they drift around like clouds in a dull grey sky,

Searching for some kind of colour.


Let us forget that we live in a blind world,

Where no one sees the lost child in the supermarket,

And the bleeding fox lies dying by the road-side,

Waiting for the clock to stop ticking.


Let us forget that we live in a silent world,

Where no one can hear the trees screaming,

And the crisp packets are blown around like leaves,

Moving like underwater swimmers.


Let us forget that we live in a lonely world,

Where there are no presents under the Christmas tree,

And the old woman sits alone by the fire,

Hoping that her doorbell will ring.


Let us remember that we live in a hopeful world,

Where the sun shines through the rain,

And there is one man who holds the door open for the next,

Smiling as he says good morning.


©2009 Kerry Nesbitt


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