The Poetry of Samantha Beltran

Samantha is nine years old and is the fourth of five kids. She has two brothers, Jimmy and Gabriel, and two sisters, Hilary and Melissa. She's in the fourth grade. Mom's name is Genevieve (see photo below). Being somewhat old-fashioned, Samantha's half of the room shared with Melissa is filled with her Raggedy Ann collection of dolls and the original books (handed down from Genevieve's mom). Samantha's all-time favourite literary character, though, is Madeline. She thinks it quite amusing that Madeline's dog is named Genevieve.


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I Know Something

(An ode inspired by finding her big sister's diary)

I know something.

You know too.

But I'm not going to tell

what I know about you.

I know something,

yes indeed.

I found it in your room.

That's all I need.



The Garden of Poems

(Written when Sammy was eight)

Poems are sweet.

Some are sad.

They're usually not

very bad.

Poems are beautiful.

Some are nice.

Some are okay.

They're not about lice.



The Moon

(Something a little more serious)

How the moon glows at night.

It fits right in with the stars so bright.

It fills me up with joy at night.

The moon and stars are a beautiful sight.

From my window looking high,

I see the Big Dipper with my eye.

I tell my mom.

She says to look at the moon.

Can't you see it's smiling at you?

Genevieve (right) with her friends Trudy and Norma