Summer 2007 Poetry Competition First Prize



Seán Dagan Wood






It began in her eyes, magma awoken

deep in craters, tinges spotted in a glance,

screened by lids that seemed to

lap at the light, tending her face with life.

Then her hair caught alight with invisible flame

and held the tone of beaches bathed in sun


and the brightness spread from face and head

to arms and legs to tips of toes

where glow worms thought they’d found a mate

and soon all her skin grew luminous,

so she’d sit at the lakeside like a fallen moon,

loving her reflection in the still night water.


She’d wander the moors

and find hares dumbstruck

as she danced with the dragonflies,

and in the open fields she stole the stares

of all the sunflowers. When she strode the cliffs


the ships all lost their course

and swarms of moths would flow behind her

like a living cloak.


Her love spared nothing,

her heart as wide as light.

 ©2007 Seán Dagan Wood

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