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Recommended Fiction


The Sprog by Denis Leeman

The Sprog

Click on cover to find out more, and to download a sample free of charge to your Kindle.

Denis Leeman's story of sex and violence, love and hate, comedy and tragedy and even more sex is powerfully evocative of National Service life. It's also a love story of the finest order, which, in all sorts of ways, eventually, er, climaxes.


Bunderlin by Robert Crompton


One of the most intriguing novels I've ever read - keeps you turning the pages from beginning to end. Peter Bunderlin, Bundy, Bird, a simple yet complex character, charms and infuriates those who meet him in equal measure. Unmissable. Find Bunderlin on Amazon or at the publishers, Solidus.


The Ghosts of Eden by Andrew J H Sharp

Winner of the Waverton Good Read Award 2009/10

Ghosts of Eden

The Ghosts of Eden is a cross-cultural, cross-racial love story with a spectacular East African setting. Andrew J H Sharp has created a superb read, not to be missed. Highly recommended.


Cogrill's Mill by Jack Lindsey

Cogrill's Mill

An energetic and witty ride through life and love in the countryside.

Learn more. Visit Peatmore Press - an on-line magazine providing light-hearted entertainment and information.



Victim of Compromise - a fast-moving account of crime and sexual entanglement - now available.


The Time Raider: 1066 by Anthony O'Hanlon

time raider

Until now, the only thing that was truly safe was the past...

Visit Anthony's excellent website, read extracts from his work - and then buy or download his book. Highly recommended for children/teenagers.



Visit the author's official website and check out his brilliant novel Upcountry. Multitalented, quirky and very, very funny. Highly recommended reading.


Taking Off by Christopher Jarman


Boomcrack by Christopher Jarman

Clever and funny: reading guaranteed to cheer you up.

Find out more HERE


Emily's Hour by James Morley

Emily's Hour

Sequel to the highly acclaimed Nemesis File, Emily's Hour is a tale on the theme of global warming.  The madness of a religious cult leads to conspiracy and murder culminating in every parent's worst nightmare. Emily's Hour contains vivid glimpses of sailing both on the lake and at sea.  There is laughter among the tears and great characters. Highly Recommended.


The Melody Lingers On by Leslie Wilkie

Leslie Wilkie

A collection of highly original stories from around the world by a dedicated short story writer. Available from Pipers' Ash or Amazon.


Tales of Earthly Humour and Beyond by Gordon Lewsley

Gordon Lewsley

This cleverly titled literary potpourri by Gordon Lewsley is guaranteed to raise a smile, and many out-and-out belly laughs. Highly recommended.


Obsession by John Conway

John Conway

Welcome to John's very own corner of cyberspace,, and while you're there, check out his book Obsession.


Plob by Craig Zerf

Craig Zerf

Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt, Robert Rankin - watch out. Here comes Craig Zerf, bursting with original ideas.

This man is seriously witty and wittily serious. Do not miss this one.

Click on the cover for more info.



Daughter of Prophecy (Bron) by Iris Lloyd

Available from Amazon

Gripping, insightful, funny and inspiring - unreservedly recommended.


Su Laws Baccino

Try Su's collections of poems, prose and flash fiction, Just Su and More Su available from Amazon.

'Su Laws Baccino writes like a painter...and draws us, fascinated, into her very special world' - U A Fanthorpe

'Beautifully written with a personal touch...I cannot wait for her first novel'


Dreams Can Come True

Eileen Bird Levett

Try Eileen Bird Levett's atmospheric tale of love, loyalty and treachery, set in the era of the workhouse and extreme poverty. Available from Amazon.


Meet Gerhard Heinzelmann, a German who lives in England, in Gravesend, Kent. This is how he describes himself: ‘I am an artist and if I am not writing or painting, I live in the other reality, the world of dreams that gives me the inspiration to be creative.’ Wonderful. Visit his website and try his book…

Book of Colours Book of Senses

Find Gerhard Heinzelmann on


Pathway of Shadows by Steve Marshall

steve marshall

Near a Norfolk village in England, a boy of fifteen makes a remarkable discovery...

Find out more on Steve's website - HERE


Shed No Tears by Ollie Morgan

Shed No Tears

Mingling actual historical events of the American Revolution, Shed No Tears starts with the birth of a nation crippled by the hypocrisy of slavery, and ends in the classic style of toe to toe standoff between good and evil; idealism and greed; slavery and freedom; love and hate; and patriotism and treason. A truly superb read and available now from CLICK HERE and search for the title 'Shed No Tears'. Or try Barnes & Noble, HERE.


Whispered Angel

Whispered Angel

by Ross Buckner

Whispered Angel is a story about two people and the script that changed their lives. Steve is a widower trying to rebuild his life with his young daughter and his music. Solace comes slowly and when the painful loneliness is too great, he succumbs to his attraction for a newcomer to Whaler's Cove. Rose Marie, burdened with her own tragedy, instead has found the only companionship she needs in her heartache. Terrified to love again, she flees Steve's small-town overtures for the lucre of corporate fast-track promises, where her anguish is diminished by the promising halcyon days of her boundless career. Having served the corporate cause with valor, greater power and glory will be hers if she continues to go along. It's an easy choice. Yet, a distant voice sings from the recesses of her soul - "What will you pay?" Whispered Angel stokes the heart and intellect in a tale of tenderness and wickedness that tests the strength of family, friendship and love in a crucible of executive immorality, domestic violence and cruel circumstance until redemption and justice come calling.

Find out more at Ross Buckner's website

Or Ross' book can be bought at Simply type in the title in the search box on the right.



Cruel Legacy by Sarah Turner; (The Publishing Partnership) 7.99

review by Natalie Cox

SARAH TURNER'S book spans two generations as it focuses on the life of Ben Johnson. Born in the North, the author spent part of her life in London and France, before moving to Warwickshire where she now works with her husband. "Cruel Legacy" is her first novel, but has already been enjoyed by a number of Clitheronians, due to the author's son, David, living and working in the town. The prologue starts in 1918, setting the scene and introducing readers to Ben, the book's central character. After a sad start, Ben is determined not to return to a life of poverty, but his ambition is stopped in its tracks by a moment of indiscretion. The central character later seizes a chance to escape the constraints of his life by assuming a new identity, leaving his family and forgetting his past. He later finds himself caught in a web of lies and facing a decision that could see him lose the love of another woman. Ultimately, it becomes clear that there is a price to pay. The book, which is split into four parts that span the different decades, is available from It is well-written and one of those that, once you've started, you won't want to put down.


The Creative Age

This fascinating and illuminating book suggests that every job needs three creative elements: knowledge of the sources of ideas and how to stimulate them; understanding how free will works in people and companies; and an awareness of the changing conditions and world events.

Tim Lewis is presently working as a freelance Interim Manager, having had twenty years of wide-ranging commercial and management experience, mostly in the telecoms industry.


The Left-hander's Handbook by Diane G Paul: The guide for parents and teachers to help left-handed children succeed in a right-handed world.

Most left-handers perform most activities with little difficulty most of the time. But left-handers are sometimes at a real disadvantage, for example, handwriting problems can have a serious effect on career opportunities. So left-handed children do need some assistance - and parents and teachers need guidance on how to provide help.

The Left-hander's Handbook defines and explores reasons for different types of left-handedness, and responds to many 'frequently-asked questions' received by the author. It has a major section on handwriting, with contributions from Dr Jean Alston, Audrey McAllen, Dr Rosemary Sassoon and Prue Wallis Myers. It also identifies useful sources for specialist equipment and provides some suggestions for school projects and some interesting instructions for crafts and music.

Diane G Paul is a well-known writer, lecturer and frequent broadcaster. Her research into left-handedness, funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, gave rise to this Handbook which has become an essential resource for anyone responsible for left-handed children. The advisory Guidelines have been adopted as an educational resource for teachers by the National Foundation for Education Research and The Left-hander's Handbook was selected as a Highly Commended runner-up in the British Medical Association Book Competition, Popular Medicine Category, in 1999.

ISBN 1-869981-596 114 pages RRSP 9.95

The Robinswood Press, South Avenue, Stourbridge DY8 3XY. Phone 01384 397475. Fax 01384 440443. Email:


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